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Get the most out of your building

Optimize performance and cut GHG emissions through technical, operational, and energy management solutions.

Over 300 installations across the globe

Kiltech has been on the leading edge of energy efficiency for nearly 20 years, pioneering innovative solutions in the HVAC industry.

Our team of experts apply technical, operational, and systematic energy management approaches to improve overall building performance. Having delivered hundreds of projects in the mission-critical, commercial and institutional sectors, our experience can help you achieve ambitious ESG targets, quantify and realize bottom-line savings, and provide clear visibility into performance.

Utility energy audits

Our team can conduct a detailed review of your site and operations to exhaustively seek out energy efficiency opportunities. These can range from technical solutions, to operational control, or even to organization energy management improvements.

Chilled water plant optimization

Using our deep knowledge of HVAC systems and chilled water plants, our Central Plant Energy Conservation System (CPECS) is a controls system focused on meeting consumer-side cooling demands in the most efficient way possible.

Turn-key solutions

Enjoy peace of mind as our team manages the implementation of your projects. Our engineering and project management team will take care of all aspects of the project, ensuring the end-result is a success.

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